Fair quiet, have I found thee here
                                                  And Innocence thy sister dear!
                                                  Mistaken long, I sought you then
                                                  In busie Companies of Men.
                                                  Your sacred Plants, if here below,
                                                  Only among the Plants will grow.
                                                  Society is all but rude,
                                                  To this delicious Solitude.
                                                                         From "The Garden" by Andrew Marvell

    Punainen Tupa is a wooden country house with small scale organic permaculture garden situated in Eastern Finland 35 km north of Imatra, 300 km east of Helsinki. There is currently 1 person living in the household. Main principles are ecological lifestyle, self-sufficiency, anti-consumerism, recycling, veganism, non-violence, etc. Means of livelihood are forestry, production of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as collection of wild mushrooms and berries. Volunteers are welcome from May to October. There is plenty of room for potential long-term/permanent residents (1-2 persons). Spacious kitchen is equipped with good wood burning cooker and stove. Bathing facilities are within sauna which is warmed up regularly. There are lakes and forests nearby. Free time activities may include walking, cycling, swimming, sauna bathing, mushrooming, berry picking and drumming. For further details about Punainen Tupa, please get in touch.

Contact details:
Punainen Tupa
Suopellontie 79
56730 Laikko

e-mail: branis66@gmail.com
mobile phone: +358 40 363 3165